places · 01. März 2020
To be or not to be a tourist in your own country? My answer to this question will always be yes. Times are changing, regions are growing, underground theme parks are being built – there is always something new to explore! During my latest trip to my home country, I decided to rediscover a place that I last saw some 20 years ago, during my early school years: the salt mine from Turda.
places · 25. Januar 2018
Located in the northern part of Hamburg, bordered by the river Elbe, the harbour, a number of parks and the city centre, Altona stands tall as one of Hamburg's most diverse districts. Once an independent city – with an own harbour, Altona became part of Hamburg in 1938.

places · 31. Oktober 2017
Once in a while, everyone is longing for a short vacation, a dose of inspiration or a sightseeing stroll in a yet undiscovered city. German Bavaria and its lovely cities have a certain autumny charm. Because of their many parks, lakes and nature spots, Nürnberg, München, and Würzburg turn golden-green during autumn, and their city trails and outdoor sights are ideal for every city-trip and nature-lover.