Barcelona – a picture itinerary through Catalonia's capital city

Barcelona is a playground for diversity. Every neighborhood has its own unique characteristic and one of a kind vibe. Small, personal tiendas, hidden tapas bars, traditional bakeries, fancy restaurants, wide streets, or hidden alleys, the sea and it's boardwalk, the great parks, the historical buildings. All this! To me, a casual walk through Barcelona's neighborhoods feels like a journey through various countries. The landscape changes with its distinct barrios: Barceloneta beach holds Italian vibes, El Born and the wild mix of tiny bike rental shops, bars and bakeries make me think of a dreamy small French coastal village. The Arabic influences found in El Raval take my thoughts to Marocco and the enchanting view from the top of the Tibidabo Mountain transpose me to Portugal.


After a delicious breakfast in one of El Borns many individual, tiny restaurants, you are good to go explore.




Passing by some authentic street art you will find your way to the Barrio Gotico, a lively neighborhood where antique buildings and culture meet individual tapas bars and fashion shops.


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A Sri Lankan photo story for extended summer feelings

Today I received an email with the subject „get ready for fall!“ My heart stood still for a couple of seconds. I was just getting used to the 23 degrees summer temperatures in Northern Germany and now I already have to prepare myself for fall? As I couldn't accept this just like that, I decided to relive my last tropical vacation in Sri Lanka. That is how a very personal Sri Lankan photo story was born.

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Cuba the picture -perfect country

Ever since I've learned about Cuba and it's history, the country climbed way up high on my travel wish list. Being born into a socialist system, I somehow felt an invisible bond betwen Cuban culture and me. However, I never knew if my brain was playing tricks on me, so I had to check if the bond was real. Stepping foot to Cuba, visiting La Havanna, lazying around in the middle of beautiful sceneries, following Hemmingway's path for eventually finding my very own Cuban itinerary. All that showed me the diverse facets of Cuba and confirmed that the bond was real. It startet off with the unique places, it got emotional with the hearthwarming people and it ended with over 1.000 shots. The photo story shows my very own Cuban treasures higlights.


Happy travels!

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