A Sri Lankan photo story for extended summer feelings

Today I received an email with the subject „get ready for fall!“ My heart stood still for a couple of seconds. I was just getting used to the 23 degrees summer temperatures in Northern Germany and now I already have to prepare myself for fall? As I couldn't accept this just like that, I decided to relive my last tropical vacation in Sri Lanka. That is how a very personal Sri Lankan photo story was born.

My time in Sri Lanka was all about being spontaneous. I didn't have anything planned - but my first night in Negombo. As the weather forecast predicted rain in some parts of Sri Lanka, I tried to avoid those regions, so my route was mainly guided by the sun and the blue sky. I thus explored the great Sri Lankan jungle and national parks, met lovely fishermen, tuk-tuk drivers and cooks, tried every other day a new Sri Lankan dish, took part at the Kataragama festival and forgot about time and consumerism in Kirinda, a tiny village by the sea that took my breath away in so many ways. The time spent on the green island was like a recovery from the developed and futuristic Europe, and I didn't even indulge in yoga or meditation. I hit the refresh button and gave my mind and body enough time to absorb positive energies and, of course, vitamin D.

Happy travels!

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