Barcelona – a picture itinerary through Catalonia's capital city

Barcelona is a playground for diversity. Every neighborhood has its own unique characteristic and one of a kind vibe. Small, personal tiendas, hidden tapas bars, traditional bakeries, fancy restaurants, wide streets, or hidden alleys, the sea and it's boardwalk, the great parks, the historical buildings. All this! To me, a casual walk through Barcelona's neighborhoods feels like a journey through various countries. The landscape changes with its distinct barrios: Barceloneta beach holds Italian vibes, El Born and the wild mix of tiny bike rental shops, bars and bakeries make me think of a dreamy small French coastal village. The Arabic influences found in El Raval take my thoughts to Marocco and the enchanting view from the top of the Tibidabo Mountain transpose me to Portugal.


After a delicious breakfast in one of El Borns many individual, tiny restaurants, you are good to go explore.




Passing by some authentic street art you will find your way to the Barrio Gotico, a lively neighborhood where antique buildings and culture meet individual tapas bars and fashion shops.


Hold on to your camera, because whatever your eyes will see, it's going to be perfect for your photo story. A collection of antique toys? Vintage decoration? The flea market right in front of the Cathedral de Barcelona is the place to take some snapshots.


Some nicely presented perfume bottles found in a tiny local perfume-manufacture, hidden in the tight alleys in el Barrio Gotico?


Or maybe the visualisation of latin tranquility, a siesta spent on a balcony?


Continuing direction Las Ramblas – the bustling vein of the city – guided by the tasty aroma and the masses of people, you will arrive at the Boqueria Market. A pure explosion of colors, savors and scents awaits you there.


For some down time, find your way through the empty side streets, onto the Placa Reial. The square is filled with restaurants and bars and give the place a vibrant atmosphere - especially at night.


Neat city beaches? Barcelona has it all covered! The Barceloneta beach is one of those places where you instantly feel comfortable – laying on the soft sand, with a mojito in your hand, listening to guitar tunes.


Barceloneta and its surroundings are also home to some fantastic side streets and charismatic bakeries.


Strolling further through Barcelona's barrios, you will eventually arrive in the Eixample neighborhood. One of Barecolna's most remarkable barrios, home to Gaudi's kaleidoscopic buildings.


Not just the center and the southern barrios of Barcelona are worth a walk. The residential neighborhoods have their own very special charm as well. In Bonnanova time seems to pass a little bit slower than it the lively El Born or Bario Gotico. Here you will find beautiful old architecture, such as the Rotonda building.


The Rotonda building is situated on the Avenida Tibidado – and once you are there, you know that the Tibidado Mountain is not far. A panoramic view from the top will be the perfect setting for ending a very long but enthralling city walk.



Happy travels!

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