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people · 15. Juli 2018
Indonesia. Vietnam. Thailand. Malaysia. India. Nepal. Sri Lanka. After spending months travelling through these countries, seeing piles of waste lying on the streets or plastic floating in the ocean almost became normal. I felt utterly sad and angry and developed a genuine concern regarding our oceans and planet.
people · 26. April 2018
There was something magical about the mornings I spent along the Côte d’Azur — the warm sun and salty breeze, the smell of fresh coffee, and gentle murmur about art and travel through the streets. The French way of life is very spirited, and yet, serene — and artist Sylvie Tumorticchi elegantly radiates it.

25. Juni 2017
Summer-time ist camping-time! For Opa Oli, an 83-year-old retiree from Saxony, Germany it is the most anticipated period of the year. As a young boy, he used to go camping with his family on the Baltic Sea shore. Ever since camping became a very important activity and Opa Oli's main summer hobby. He now counts more than 70 summers spend on Usedom's prettiest camping spot, in Ukeritz.
07. Mai 2017
The Sri Lankan city of Negombo is an important commercial and touristic knot, with a bustling beach and market life. While the fish market, situated directly on the beach, remains one of the go-to places for local wanderers, families and restaurant owners, the vegetable and spice market is lesser known but equally interesting and colorful. The proof is the picture of the banana vendor, surrounded by its wares.