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places · 01. März 2020
To be or not to be a tourist in your own country? My answer to this question will always be yes. Times are changing, regions are growing, underground theme parks are being built – there is always something new to explore! During my latest trip to my home country, I decided to rediscover a place that I last saw some 20 years ago, during my early school years: the salt mine from Turda.
places · 25. Januar 2018
Located in the northern part of Hamburg, bordered by the river Elbe, the harbour, a number of parks and the city centre, Altona stands tall as one of Hamburg's most diverse districts. Once an independent city – with an own harbour, Altona became part of Hamburg in 1938.

places · 31. Oktober 2017
Once in a while, everyone is longing for a short vacation, a dose of inspiration or a sightseeing stroll in a yet undiscovered city. German Bavaria and its lovely cities have a certain autumny charm. Because of their many parks, lakes and nature spots, Nürnberg, München, and Würzburg turn golden-green during autumn, and their city trails and outdoor sights are ideal for every city-trip and nature-lover.
05. August 2017
Leipzig – a booming Saxonian city located 185km southwest of Berlin, a city that embraces change and welcomes students, artists, and travelers into an alternative-chic atmosphere. Three days in Leipzig might be too short, but one can surely get a first impression of the city and feel it's one of a kind vibe. Exploring the city one neighborhood at the time is, therefore, the best idea. That's what I did and I fell for it.

06. Mai 2017
Traveling isn't always only about sightseeing, old monuments, pretty streets and sunbathing; it's also about never ending car rides and flights, about daydreaming and letting your imagination take unexplored paths. So what better way to unwind and to forget about time than reading a good book?
17. April 2017
There are a couple of things that bring the Catholic and Orthodox Easter to a remarkable celebration level. Starting with the great fasting period, the longest and challenging of them all, continuing with breakinf the feasting time while preparing and tasting traditional lamb dishes such as the lamb tribe, going to the mess at midnight, surrounding the church a dozen of times to finally receive the "divine light from Jerusalem", bumping eggs – and hoping that yours won't get cracked – saying "Ch

26. März 2017
There are 41 of them, and I choose the most diverse Romanian county, I choose Mures county. Right in the middle of Transylvania, Mures stands tall. With it's rich and dark forest, fairly tall mountains, the rather small but fast Mures river, the beautiful historical city of Sighisoara-, Jidvei- an old Transylvanian winery, and the intercultural city of Tirgu-Mures, Mures county welcomes every single curious soul out there.
19. März 2017
The great German North, the diversity, the unique city vibe, the rough wind, the soft sun, the water abundance and even the occasional storm catapult Hamburg on top of the most liked German cities. The urban life vibrates not only on the Reeperbahn, Hamburg's red light district but also in the cities unique caffees& restaurants.